ICS Outage Report - 13 September 2016

‚ÄčThe ICS began experiencing difficulties processing EDI messages on Tuesday 13 September 2016 from approximately 16:45pm and continued until 19:10pm. This affected all inbound and outbound EDI messaging.  The Customs Interactive was available throughout this period.

The problem was identified as a hardware failure on a critical server. We invoked business continuity processes at approximately 19:00. EDI messaging was unavailable until approximately 19:10 when the hardware problem was rectified.

We received an increase in calls to the Cargo Support Centre during the period of the outage.   Cargo Support Centre and ICS Business Support after hours staff were active throughout the outage.

Technical Details

Investigations identified a hardware failure on a critical server that was used for processing ICS messages as the root cause of the outage. The emergency replacement of the faulty hardware alleviated all problems for ICS inbound and outbound messaging.


Industry was notified of the incident and provided with updates through SMS messaging, ICS announcements and ICS updates. 

Further Information

Further information can be obtained by emailing cargosupport@border.gov.au