How long does it take to make a claim?

If you are using the mobile or web based TRS apps

As a general guide, if you have only one tax invoice and use the app it should take less than a minute to process your claim at the TRS facility. The more tax invoices you present the longer your claim will take. If you have 10 tax invoices (the maximum number of tax invoices the mobile app will accommodate) your claim will generally take about 5 minutes to process. If you use the web based TRS app, your claim will generally take about 4 minutes to process for every 10 tax invoices that you present.

If you have not used an app

If you have not used the app and you present to an ABF officer for the claim to be processed manually, it will generally take about 3-5 minutes to process your claim if you have a few tax invoices. For every additional tax invoice you present to the ABF officer, expect the processing time to take an additional 30 seconds per tax invoice depending on the complexity of your claim.

Please note that the mobile and web based apps are not available for cruise ship passengers at this time.

When there are many flights leaving the airport around the same time long queues can develop at the TRS facility. You should aim to be at the TRS facility 90 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of your aircraft.