How do you process Transit Without Visa passengers?

Guidance for checking-in travellers eligible for Transit Without Visa (TWOV) is available in the Advance Passenger Processing (APP) Arrivals and Departures manual - May 2017 (156KB PDF).

Our website provides a list of countries eligible for TWOV.

In order to be eligible for transiting Australia without a visa, the person must:

  • be a TWOV eligible national
  • enter Australia by aircraft
  • hold a confirmed onward booking to leave Australia within 8 hours of the person's arrival in Australia
  • hold documentation necessary to enter the country of their destination
  • remain in the transit lounge (if they want to clear immigration for any reason, they must obtain a visa in advance of travel).

The APP system allows two movement indicators, ‘T’ for transit and ‘M’ for movement. The ‘T’ flag should only be used for passengers meeting the above criteria.

Airlines incur fines of AUD 10,000 per offence for the carriage of inadequately or undocumented passengers to Australia under s229 of the Migration Act 1958. This includes passengers who cross the border or stay longer than eight hours without a valid visa, despite the ‘OK to Board’ response in APP when the ‘T’ transit code is used.