Should I contact the Border Operations Centre (BOC) to link a new passport?

Yes. Once the details of an unknown travel document are updated in our systems, the airline will cease to receive a 'Contact BOC' response. This will continue for the life of the document as long as the passenger presents that document for international arriving/departing flights for Australia.

When an Australian dual national’s travel documents are linked, the Advance Passenger Processing (APP) system will detect this at arrivals and/or departures check-in.

Ensuring that a passenger’s travel document details are up to date and correct at check-in will facilitate faster processing through SmartGate and speedier arrival at the boarding gate.​​

The airline should advise the BOC if the passenger has an old/new passport, provide the new issue and expiry date and if the client has a different name on the new passport provide the new name to the BOC.