How do I use the TIETAYT command?

If an airline amends or adds extra services to their flight schedules, all new flight data must be entered into the global communications network – SITA – via the Official Airline Guide (OAG).

Loading a flight by an airline via OAG to SITA, and for SITA to load it to the Government Gateway can take up to two weeks. This process should only be used where an airline has adequate time before the first flight (that is, two weeks prior to first flight).

If an unscheduled flight will be operating within two weeks, airlines must load the flight manually using the TIETAYT command. This option is instant and can be performed at any time.

Airlines must have ETAS capability in order to use the TIETAYT command:

  • Type TIETAYT A to establish a flight schedule
  • Enter flight data – airlines should ensure that all ports at which the flight stops are included
  • Type TIETAYT D to confirm that the new flight schedule has been successfully loaded.

Airlines should also advise the with the following details:

  • Flight number
  • Departure and arrival times
  • Departure and arrival ports.

If an airline experiences problems loading a flight via the TIETAYT command, they should contact SITA.