What is a Document for Travel to Australia?

A Document for Travel to Australia (DFTTA) is designed to allow a single entry in to Australia. A photocopy of a DFTTA presented by a passenger at check-in is not deemed to be a valid travel document.
If a DFTTA is presented at check-in, airlines should ensure it contains a valid:

  • signature and photograph of the person/s intending to travel to Australia
  • visa with information for all passengers in the bottom left hand corner of the document

When prompted by the APP system, airlines should enter the passenger’s full data:

  • Document number
  • Nationality
  • Full Family name
  • Full Given names
  • Date of birth
  • Gender

Details of the DFTTA’s primary applicant should be taken from the visa label affixed to the bottom left side of the DFTTA, whereas, the dependent’s details should be taken from the body of the DFTTA.

The Advance Passenger Processing (APP) Arrivals and Departures manual - May 2017 (156KB PDF) contains information about processing passengers travelling on DFFTAs.