What do I do when the APP system is down?

‘APP system down’ is a term used to describe when the APP system which is used to report all travellers coming and going from Australia is not working. A ‘system down’ is sometimes also referred to as an ‘APP system outage’.

In an APP system down the airline should seek to resolve the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved the airline should contact the BOC to report their APP System is down. Airline staff will need to supply the following information to the BOC:

  • direction of the flight (arrival/departure)
  • flight number
  • arrival and departure airports
  • arrival and departure date/time
  • number of travellers, not APP reported.

The following additional information will greatly assist us when reporting a system down issue:

  • expected length of the ‘system down’
  • what caused the system down
  • any other relevant information.

The airline should then refer to the Systems Downs Procedure in the relevant APP Manual for further instructions on how to board passengers during an APP system down.

Where can I find information on what to do when the APP system is down?

Systems down for inward and outward APP

The airline should refer to the:

Do I need to notify someone of every flight which is affected?

Yes. Every flight that has a traveller on it who cannot be reported due to the APP system being down must be recorded by the EOC/BOC. It is the airlines responsibility to contact the EOC/BOC to report when their APP system is down - and to report every flight that is affected.

What happens if I don’t report the APP system was down?

Australian law requires airlines to report on all passengers and crew travelling to or from Australia through the APP system. If carriers fail to do so they could be subject to financial penalties. By complying with APP requirements, airlines could avoid penalties in the case of systems down.