When do I use TIETAC?

ETAS allows an agent or airline to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) on behalf of their clients and to check a traveller’s authority to enter Australia.

Airlines can use the ETAS commands TIETAC (check-in) and TIETAQ (enquiry).

The TIETAC command should only be used:

  • when APP is unavailable to check a traveller has a valid visa for Australia
  • when a ‘Do Not Board’ directive is received

Airlines should use the TIETAQ command to check the current visa/ETA status of any traveller for any kind of visa or ETA.

TIETAC and TIETAQ are not the same as an APP check and do not send pre-arrival information to the Australian border agencies. There is no need for check-in staff to conduct a TIETAC if the APP transaction indicates an 'OK to Board'.