NEWS New benefit now available to Trusted Traders

Australian Trusted Traders can now take advantage of Consolidated cargo clearance.

The much anticipated consolidated cargo clearance benefit is now available to Trusted Traders within the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) programme.

Consolidated cargo clearances will enable Trusted Trader importers, or their licensed customs brokers, to lodge a single import declaration for consolidated cargo for all sea cargo types and air cargo.

Carriers and freight forwarders will continue to provide cargo reports at the supplier level as they do now, but the consolidated shipment will be cleared on a single import declaration.

Analysis of Integrated Cargo System data shows that, on average, there will be a reduction in import declarations of more than 10 per cent for ATT importers. This will reduce the amount of corresponding import processing charges for ATT importers.

You do not need to formally ’opt in’, or change your ATT agreement to access this new benefit. Your business chooses to access the benefit on a consignment by consignment basis.

To learn more about ATT, including the benefits available to Trusted Traders, visit

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