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Australian Trusted Traders receive preferential treatment at the border when importing goods, helping get their products to market quicker. Australian Trusted Traders and their licensed customs brokers can also lodge a single import declaration for consolidated air and sea cargo, which saves time and money. Trusted Traders also benefit from simpler processes to become sponsors for temporary work (skilled) visas.

To become an Australian Trusted Trader, businesses must undergo an accreditation process through the ABF. This process includes a desktop analysis and a site visit, which checks trade practices and helps businesses secure their supply chain.

Each Australian Trusted Trader has a dedicated account manager to help streamline their interactions with the ABF and guide them through the customs process.

From the A/g Commissioner, Michael Outram

Australian importers and exporters operating within the Australian Trusted Trader programme will have a competitive edge and better access to global markets under a landmark arrangement with China, our largest trading partner.

The Australia-China Mutual Recognition Arrangement, signed on 27 November 2017, will help further stimulate the important economic and trade relationship between our two countries. Australian exports to China were valued at A$93 billion last year, representing around 28 per cent of total exports; while imports were A$62 billion, representing around 18 per cent. This new arrangement with China is expected to bring an additional A$440 million to our economy over ten years.

Under the new arrangement, Australian exporters that are part of the Australian Trusted Trader programme will benefit from reduced costs, greater certainty and faster and more efficient access to the Chinese market.

China is not the first country we have established a reciprocal arrangement with—we have similar arrangements with New Zealand, the Republic of Korea, Canada and Hong Kong. We are also pursuing arrangements with Singapore, the United States of America, Japan and Thailand.

These arrangements reduce the regulatory burden on Australian Trusted Trader exporters and provide a competitive edge, with greater access to international markets.

The Australian Trusted Trader programme, managed by the Australian Border Force (ABF), as Australia’s customs agency, recognises accredited businesses as a trusted member of the international trade community. The programme works by accrediting businesses with compliant trade practices and a secure supply chain. Recognising the integrity of these entities means we can allow Australian Trusted Traders to get on with their business and have fewer hold ups at the border. It also means the ABF can focus more of its efforts on the higher risk entities and managing threats to our borders.

The more we know about supply chains and the people working within supply chains, the better access we have to their data, their information and their knowledge, the easier it is for us to identify the companies and traders in whom we can place a greater level of trust.

As well as the Mutual Recognition Agreements, Australian Trusted Traders have access to a range of benefits that have been developed in partnership with industry and are designed to save businesses time and money. The programme is open to all Australian businesses that import, export or provide services that support international traders – be it big or small.

The globalisation of supply chains, emerging business trends and new technologies continue to transform international trade. Trade volumes are increasing and supply chains are becoming increasingly fast and complex. Industry is adopting new technology and changing its business models to drive profitability and meet consumer demands.

The ABF is committed to supporting this trade transformation and helping Australian businesses achieve a competitive edge on the world stage. We are reforming our frameworks and systems to support increasing trade volumes and complex global supply chains.

Our aim is to achieve a seamless border experience for the majority of legitimate trade and travellers, who can move easily and effortlessly across the border without interference or unnecessary delay.

The Australian Trusted Trader programme demonstrates that increased efficiency does not need to come at the expense of supply chain security and vice versa. It is also an excellent example of how industry and the public sector can work together for mutual benefit – it really is an ongoing dialogue between industry and us about the future design of Trusted Trader and how it will operate into the future.

Through this partnership with industry, Australian Trusted Trader gives Australian businesses a competitive edge, helps secure our borders, and ensures we can invest our efforts in areas of greater risk.

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