NEWS Stay Smart Online Week (8-14 October)

​Stay Smart

Many Australians may not be aware of the risks we face in cyberspace – last year, millions of Australians experienced cybercrime1, and $50 million was reported lost to online-based scams2. Nearly 40 percent of scam approaches occurred through email, over the internet or through a social network platform and accounted for 44 percent of losses.

Australians are increasingly relying on the internet in their everyday lives for banking, shopping, education, socialising and communication. It is therefore important that they are able to use the internet in a secure and confident manner.

The Stay Smart Online program gives Australians the skills and knowledge to be secure and confident in the digital age. Established in 2006, the program now involves a community of more than 80,000 individuals and organisations, all committed to sharing online safety information. Stay Smart Online provides topical, relevant and timely information on how home internet users and small businesses can protect themselves from, and reduce the risk of, cyber security threats such as software vulnerabilities, online scams, malicious activities, and risky online behaviours.

This year Stay Smart Online Week’s theme is ‘Reverse the Threat’. We are asking all Australians to join in and take four simple steps to help reverse the threat of cybercrimes:

  • Create strong passwords and using two-factor authentication
  • Install the latest updates for your devices and apps
  • Know how to spot phishing scams
  • Use public Wi-Fi safely.

Taking care of your safety online is no more complicated than the steps you take in other aspects of your life. We all do things to safeguard our physical belongings such as locking our doors and keeping hold of our wallets. By taking the same care of your devices and when engaging online, you can protect yourself and your online assets.

For more information on how you can protect yourself online, visit Stay Smart Online and follow on Facebook @staysmartonline.


1 Norton Norton Cyber Security Insights Report global Results (2017)
2 Australian Consumer and Competition Commission. Targeting scams report of the ACCC on scam activity (2017)