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Disclosure Log 2011

​The table below provides a general description of documents disclosed (with redactions) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 for 2011.

Disclosure dateDescription of documents
20/12/2011Documents relating to the practice of using linguistic analysis in processing asylum seeker claims (2001-2011)
16/12/2011Documents on the Purchasing Allowance Scheme to assist immigration detainees to purchase incidentals
16/12/2011Council for Immigration Services and Status Resolution correspondence on the question of suicide, self-harm and psychological support, as well as the Department’s response
14/12/2011Documents signed by the Minister of Education or Minister of Employment showing approval of any skills assessing authority being specified as the relevant assessing authority
13/12/2011Summary documents of complaints received about the treatment of detainees at Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre.
24/11/2011Audit report entitled: IMA Governance and Accountability Structures
11/11/2011Audit reports entitled: Better Practice Principles for Establishing an Offshore Processing Centre; Ministerial Interventions Audit Report; and National Communications Branch Review Report
10/11/2011Current and last five signed delegations to make decisions under the FOI Act
10/11/2011Statistics on GSM, Family, Business and Investor visas lodged in Malaysia from 1 July 2010 – 30 June 2011
03/11/2011Notes for Guidance for Medical Officers of the Commonwealth for: Cardiology; Supported Care; Respiratory Conditions; Oncology; and Neurological Conditions as at October 2011, and MOC Advice Pack as at August 2011
02/11/2011Immigration Detention Services Contract updated 2 November 2011
01/11/2011Documents relating to plans, advice to the Minister, the hardness of the ground and cost implications in relation to Northam IDC
01/11/2011Expenditure on capital works, upgrades, telephones, and contractual arrangements for Inverbrackie
26/10/2011Detention Health Advisory Group correspondence on the question of suicide, self-harm and psychological support, as well as the Department's response
26/10/2011Statistics on the number of people who overstayed their visa, from 2006 to 2010
25/10/2011The bushfire response policy and plan for Inverbrackie detention facility
24/10/2011Statistics on the number of citizen of India, by age group, who came to Australia on different visitor visa (subclass 676 & 679) and overstayed their visa in last five years (2005-2010)
24/10/2011Documents used to prepare the Incoming Government Brief for a Coalition government on the ‘Pacific Solution’
21/10/2011Statistics on Somali overstayers for the last three financial years
06/10/2011Market research reports from 1996-1998 which underpinned development of Harmony Day
05/10/2011Briefs for 'On the Radar' from DIAC for the period of December 2010 to 2 May 2011
20/09/2011Telephone bill expenditure for the Inverbrackie facility from December 2010 to June 2011
13/09/2011Policy relating to offshore BVB holders who were affected by the Icelandic and Chilean volcanic ash clouds
12/09/2011Community complaints regarding the announcement of the opening of the Inverbrackie detention facility
26/08/2011Information relating to unpaid Departmental invoices
23/08/2011PAM3: Sch4/4003(b) – Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction – Risk Assessment Procedures
16/08/2011Statistics concerning the number of Priority 4 General Skilled Migration applicants as at 30 June 2011
09/08/2011Demographics of the Department's workforce engagements and appointments for APS levels 1-6 and EL1 from July 2005 to June 2011
28/07/2011Documents which show a breakdown of the group named 'other countries' as outlined in the 'Australian citizenship test, snapshot report 30 June 2010'
27/07/2011Movement Alert List summary documents 1997–2011
22/07/2011Report on ICT and Participation of youth citizens (in particular Muslim, Migrant and Second Generation Youth) in comparable Western Nations
22/07/2011Information regarding the six Afghan National Police, Provincial Response Company who visited Australia between 18 - 28 October 2010
01/07/2011Costs in relation to the acquisition of DIAC office equipment and refurbishment costs for financial year 2009-2010
27/06/2011Statistics from 2009 and 2010 relating to Czech citizens holding student visas
15/06/2011Documents concerning the death of David Saunders
15/06/2011Documents concerning the death of Ahmad Al Akabi
15/06/2011Documents concerning the death of Josefa Rauluni
02/06/2011Internal correspondence in response to Natalie O'Brien's article in the Sun–Herald on 13 March 2011
01/06/2011A report by Protiviti on its Privacy Impact Assessment of the Movement Alert List
26/05/2011Policy documents relating to detainee children in foster care
23/05/2011Expenditure by DIAC on NAATI accredited interpreters since 1999
23/05/2011Humanitarian visa application statistics for 2010 calendar year
06/05/2011Statistics relating to years 2007–2010 – number of refused applicants that were determined not fit and proper persons to receive immigration assistance
06/05/2011Statistics relating to years 2007–2010 – number of applications for registration as migration agents, numbers of successful applications and country of birth
06/05/2011Statistics relating to years 2007–2010 – number of applications for registration as migration agents, numbers of successful applications and where country of birth was China, Taiwan and Vietnam
05/05/2011Documents relating to the alternative English Language proficiency test tender process
02/02/2011Documents relating to the prioritisation and policy of processing split family application visas, including where the sponsor is an unaccompanied minor, the policy determining the number of visa places and the numbers lodged and processed since 2009
31/01/2011Incoming Government Briefs – Briefs prepared for an elected Coalition government
18/01/2011Documents relating to the Comcare investigation reports provided to the department regarding an incident in Western Australia where a client-self harmed, and infection control at Australian international airports, as detailed in the DIAC annual report
18/01/2011All equipment and additional physical resources charged to Departmental expenses and provided to the minister or the minister's office
11/01/2011Documents relating to the government's decision to halt the processing of Sri Lankan and Afghani asylum seekers
07/01/2011Documents relating to the number of immigration agents employed and contracted by the department and the language/s spoken by these agents