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Disclosure Log 2013

The table below provides a general description of documents disclosed (with redactions) under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 for 2013.

Disclosure date Description of documents
23/12/2013 Manus Island incident 18 October 2013
23/12/2013 List of briefings to the Ministers Office between 8 September and 19 November 2013
20/12/2013 Chemical registers from Northern IDC, Perth IDC and Yongah Hill IDC between 2012 and 2013
16/12/2013 IHAG minutes May 2013 – November 2013
09/12/2013 Advice regarding health requirements for migration applicants with disability
03/12/2013 Incident detail reports from Manus Island – May 2013
27/11/2013 Substantiated offshore fraud/corruption by DIBP employees and locally engaged staff (LES) from 2008-2013
19/11/2013 Incoming Government Brief prepared for an Elected Coalition Government
19/11/2013 Request for Quotation (RFQ) for provision of consulting services for the review aimed at implementing improvements to and developing a framework for the Office of the MARA's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme
18/11/2013 Incident Report 1-A4Q9GC
15/11/2013 Classification of incidents which occur within a detention centre (Serco Reporting Guidelines)
14/11/2013 Documents relating to medicines kept at Manus Island and Nauru regional processing centres' medical facilities for the treatment of asylum seekers and staff between July 2012 and 14 November 2013
12/11/2013 Guidelines, procedures for medical transfers from Manus Island to Australian detention centres
08/11/2013 Monthly Performance Reports for Christmas Island between February 2013 – July 2013
07/11/2013 Incident reports concerning escape or recapture of detainees in Darwin between 1 May 2013 and 15 May 2013
31/10/2013 Manus Island Incident Reports for March 2013 and April 2013
31/10/2013 Internal Audit Report – Management of the Risk of Communicable Disease in Irregular Maritime Arrivals
25/10/2013 Water quality and quantity monitoring reports between March and August 2013, and modifications to fire suppression systems made since August 2012 on Nauru and Manus Island
16/10/2013 Ministerial Briefing TB2013-02373 Sustainability issues associated with IMA releases
11/10/2013 Summary of the legislation where ministerial discretion or intervention can apply in the approval or rejection of applications from non-government organisations and individuals, prepared for the current term of government
10/10/2013 Ministerial correspondence, ministerial submissions and advice to Minister Chris Evans relating to proposed changes to border protection arrangements/offshore processing policy between January and September 2008
3/10/2013 A log of incidents across all Immigration Detention centres regarding 'Use of Observation Rm' for more than 24 hours between 27 May 2011 and 3 September 2013
27/09/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-2SOSIL
24/09/2013 Labour agreement between the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship and Australian Western Railroad Pty Ltd (2012-2015)
20/09/2013 Register (including outcomes) of individuals subjected to DIAC's enhanced screening process between November 2012 and 20 September 2013
19/09/2013 Statistical data on mental illness diagnoses of detainees held on Nauru and Manus Island between January 2013 and July 2013
16/09/2013 List of briefings to the Immigration Minister between 1 July 2013 and 15 August 2013
16/09/2013 Manus Island incident reports created in June 2012
13/09/2013 Community Detention Program Operations Framework 2012
12/09/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-B7GO9K
10/09/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1-6UKGSE, 15SFTR7,1-5XMNR6, 1-5YE31T, 1-3ZNPJ5
10/09/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-BNNMLW
06/09/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-9GNMK3
28/08/2013 All reports on identity fraud concerning student visa holders from India between 5 August 2009 – 5 August 2011 (updated decision—original decision released 18/07/2013)
23/08/2013 Mental illness diagnoses and use of psychotropic medication (1 April 2013 to 30 June 2013)
23/08/2013 Enhanced screening policy guidelines, files notes and interview transcripts
23/08/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-2RX42D, 1-9JC23X
21/08/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-2YRVZ1, 1-72STZG
20/08/2013 Detailed incident report – 1-3T31DN, 1-3O12GH, 1-7A86JY
13/08/2013 Additional information released regarding the use of psychotropic medications in immigration facilities since IHMS commenced operations until 3 June 2013
13/08/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1-70PHVY, 1-6YVUM6, 1-6YJ2T4
09/08/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1-696ZJI
08/08/2013 Performance Management Framework for the management of Manus Island Processing Centre
08/08/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1-4C875X, 1-3KI5XH, 1-7AL08L
06/08/2013 IMA boats with code, date, nationality and number of passengers that have arrived in Australia between 2011 and May 2013
06/08/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1-4IN4B2 and 1-70Y396
06/08/2013 Interim Work Health & Safety Plan for the Regional Processing Centre Manus Island PNG from June 2013
05/08/2013 Incident logs from Yongah Hill Detention Centre between June 2012 and May 2013 and Curtin Detention Centre between July 2012 and May 2013
02/08/2013 Official Department briefs to the Minister, media talking points, Senate Estimate and Question Time briefs relating to cricket player Mr Fawad Ahmed
02/08/2013 Unredacted summary of estimated workload tables released 2 August 2013
23/07/2013 Summaries of Incident Logs between 1 September 2011 and 1 November 2011
22/07/2013 Translation services and access to legal advice for Sri Lankan asylum seekers on the fishing trawler Chejan
19/07/2013 Draft Report August 2012 – Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework
16/07/2013 Summary document for subclass 457 visa nominations and approvals for Selvac Pty Ltd (updated decision – original decision released 28/06/2013)
10/07/2013 Documents attached to detailed incident reports 1-2XM5EF, 1-2YYR63, 1-2XHGJT, 1-2WV8NF and 1-2XM531
10/07/2013 Ministerial briefing notes on the Joint Standing Committee on Migration (JSCM) report into the Migration Treatment of Disability
08/07/2013 Documents between 15 March 2010 and 14 June 2010 relating to planning of non–contributory parent places in 2010–2011 financial year
02/07/2013 Documents containing concerns expressed by save the Children about conditions at the Manus Island detention centre
01/07/2013 Summaries of incidents in detention facilities from 27 May 2011 to 30 June 2011
28/06/2013 Summary documents for subclass 457 visa nominations and approvals for Selvac Pty Ltd between 1 January 2008 and 30 April 2013
25/06/2013 Documents relating to water supply systems at the Manus Island and Nauru regional processing centres
Incident detail reports from Scherger Immigration Detention Centre between 20-24 May 2013
24/06/2013 Documents relating to allegations of sexual assault in detention centres or places of detention between 16 October 2009 and 16 October 2012
21/06/2013 Documents relating to potential misuse of 457 visas on construction projects in Western Australia
21/06/2013 Minutes from the Immigration Health Advisory Group (IHAG) meetings and past 3 Detention Health Advisory Group (DeHAG) meetings
21/06/2013 Emails from 26-29 April 2013 regarding Minister O'Connor's Sky TV interview of 28 April 2013
19/06/2013 Spreadsheet relating to incidents in detention from 3 October 2009 to 30 June 2011
14/06/2013 Visa documentation in relation to Mr John McTernan
13/06/2013 Hazardous Material Survey – Update 1 (Dec 2012) for Villawood Immigration Detention Facility
12/06/2013 Documents relating to malaria prevention strategies and treatment for detainees at Manus Island
12/06/2013 Documents relating to the 2011 & 2012 annual summary reports by IHMS for Nauru and Papua New Guinea
07/06/2013 Documents relating to companies currently party to a labour agreement as at 27 May 2013
07/06/2013 Attachments relating to the 31 detention incident reports that were released on 13 May 2013
07/06/2013 Certification documents of the fire and safety Checks completed at Christmas Island detention centre between March 2011 and July 2012
07/06/2013 Incoming Minister's Briefs for Minister O'Connor (Parts A and B)
05/06/2013 Detailed incident reports - 1-2XM5EF, 1-2YYR63, 1-2XHGJT, 1-2WV8NF, 1-2XM531
04/06/2013 Outgoing emails from DIAC National Communications employees between 1 April 2013 and 30 April 2013 requesting quotes be attributed to an 'anonymous' spokesperson
03/06/2013 Documents relating to the use of psychotropic medications in immigration facilities since IHMS commenced operations until 3 June 2013
31/05/2013 Documents relating to the accredited sponsorship scheme introduced on 7 November 2011
29/05/2013 Documents relating to the process and criteria by which IMAs are assessed as candidates for offshore processing
29/05/2013 Head of Agreement (HoA) relating to the provision of services on Nauru between DIAC and The Salvation Army
28/05/2013 Documents between 1 April 2011 and 20 April 2012 relating to delegations or authorisations of DIAC staff involved in the Design and Construction Contract for Yongah Hill Immigration Detention Centre between the Commonwealth of Australia and John Holland Pty Ltd
24/05/2013 Documents relating to specific reports, meeting records and briefings for the purpose of developing the 'Don't be Sorry' communication campaign
24/05/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1–7AG2C7, 1–7AFGFK, 1–7AFG6Q
13/05/2013 Summaries of detention incidents from 1 July 2011 to 31 August 2011 and 31 detention incident reports
13/05/2013 Matters filed in state courts with categories of either damages or detention since 2007.
09/05/2013 Detailed incident reports – 1–5C26RN, 1–l5CG13W, 1–5CT7SI, 1–5E3CR6, 1–5CT86M, 1–5D3JXI, 1–5D4BQP, 1–5D4BKZ, 1–5CIK6S, 1–5DD7ZW, 1–5DD828, 1–5DD15U, 1–5D4B9W, 1–5E437G, 1–5E1QGW, 1–5G8CEE
09/05/2013 Incident reports in relation to self-harm of minors in immigration detention centres in Darwin from 3 March 2012 to 8 February 2013
09/05/2013 Documents relating to asylum seeker complaints about their missing money from Christmas Island Detention Centre
08/05/2013 Emails relating to issues for Darwin residents in delivering Christmas presents to asylum seekers at the Darwin Airport Lodge in December 2012
08/05/2013 Documents relating to the review of health insurance requirements for temporary visa holders
07/05/2013 Report on inbound email traffic to DIAC between September 2008 and 26 March 2013
07/05/2013 Reports on skilled migration fraud made between 5 August 2009 and 5 August 2011
07/05/2013 Incident logs of Nauru processing centre for 5 and 6 March 2013
01/05/2013 Documents relating to communications between DIAC and Comcare regarding the Comcare investigation into detention centres in 2011
01/05/2013 Detailed incidents reports – 1–2ZNP5L, 1–2YRVEX, 1–61LB5M, 1–61H5IC, 1–49ORCG 1–3CTBC9, 1–39VRYA, 1–30P0SQ, 1–54AMIA, 1–51MKWE, 1–4KVQQZ, 1–49OQYC, 1–6LA5TF, 1–6HJJ63, 1–5Q9S7F, 1–5CIK6S, 1–4W6UEC, 1–4N8CJ6, 1–2S9RNH, 1–79FB6E, 1–735DTL, 1–6IJYF2, 1-5D4B9W
29/04/2013 Documents relating to the visa application for Mike Tyson
26/04/2013 Villawood Detention Centre Asbestos Register 2004, 2011 & 2012
24/04/2013 Senates Estimates Briefs on Pontville and the release into, and monitoring of, detainees in the Tasmanian Community (Part 2)
24/04/2013 Ministerial Advisory Council on Skilled Migration (MACSM) discussion paper on Strengthening the Integrity of the Subclass 457 Program
22/04/2013 Additional email correspondence to and from Mr Sandi Logan in relation to the difficulties faced in the delivery of Christmas presents to asylum seekers in the Darwin Airport Lodge in December 2011 (updated decision - original decision released 18/3/2013)
12/04/2013 Incident detail report for incident 1–2WZXX1
12/04/2013 Documents relating to the meeting between DIAC and Minister Bowen and settlement services providers on 22 January 2013
11/04/2013 Incident Reports (1-4H5JC6, 1-4H79QP, 1-2X8CBP, 1-3NL34R, 1-6HJJ63)
11/04/2013 Reports from Northern Immigration Detention Centre in 2010
11/04/2013 Documents sent between DIAC and Minister Bowen regarding the removal of 26 Sri Lankans on 1 November 2012
10/04/2013 Documents from the National Joint Intelligence Group meeting on 18 December 2012
09/04/2013 Documents relating to forecasts, warnings and advice about overcrowding in immigration detention centres between 12 May 2011 and 30 January 2013
09/04/2013 Removal brief relating to incident 1-773FED
04/04/2013 Documents relating to State Migration Plans and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for skilled migration for NSW, Qld, WA, NT, ACT and Tasmania
04/04/2013 Documents relating to visas cancelled by the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship under s501A after a non-adverse decision was made under s501(1) or (2) of the Migration Act 1958
03/04/2013 Documents relating to contracts between DIAC and Wickham Point Development Pty Ltd for a new detention centre between 1 October 2011 and 30 June 2014 and, DIAC and Trepang Services Unit Trust for client accommodation between 7 November 2011 and 6 November 2014
28/03/2013 Documents relating to correspondence regarding the retrieval or existence of the Service Excellence Review Team reports arising from FOI 11/03/00130.
26/03/2013 Documents that discuss the suitability of the Northern Immigration Detention Centre to house long term detainees between 1 July 2009 and 3 March 2012 (updated decision – original decision released 31/12/2012)
20/03/2013 Documents relating to the granting and review of Mr Ali Al Abassi's visa
18/03/2013 Email correspondence to and from Mr Sandi Logan in relation to self-harm incidents in the Northern Immigration Detention Centre (NIDC) between May 2011 to April 2012, and to the difficulties faced in the delivery of Christmas presents to asylum seekers in the Darwin Airport Lodge in December 2011
18/03/2013 DIAC International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) contract relating to Christmas Island and mainland detention centres
18/03/2013 DIAC contract with International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) for provision of health service for people in detention
15/03/2013 Data model relating to summaries of incidents within the detention network
08/03/2013 Documents relating to the use of the Park Regis Hotel and Apartments in Cairns as an alternative place of detention on 6 April 2008
06/03/2013 Incident Detail Reports relating to incident 1–33YKX7
27/02/2013 MOU between DIAC and the NSW Department of Family and Community Services
25/02/2013 Correspondence between DIAC and Comcare during the draft stages of Comcare's report EVE 00205473 about detention centres
22/02/2013 Documents relating to gratuities received in correctional facilities by individuals who have been charged or sentenced for people smuggling
22/02/2013 Incident reports relating to the Regional Processing Centre on Nauru.
21/02/2013 Detention Services Agreements between Australasian Correctional Management (ACM) & DIMA for Curtin and Port Hedland between 28 October 2000 and 12 January 2004
19/02/2013 Photos of damage caused by riots in the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre in April 2011
18/02/2013 Documents relating to advice issued between 1991 and 1995 regarding Australian citizens applying for recognition of Latvian citizenship
13/02/2013 Documents relating to possible migration fraud by two Chinese Nationals raised by Shadow Minister for Immigration & Citizenship
08/02/2013 Senate Estimates Brief on Pontville and the release into and monitoring of detainees in the Tasmanian community – Part 1
1/02/2013 Christmas Island Incident logs 2011
31/01/2013 Documents relating to investigations into alleged breaches of 457 sponsorship obligations and visa irregularities by Celtic Scaffolding Pty Ltd in 2012
31/01/2013 Documents relating to ministerial advice on proposed changes to the immigration character test announced on 26 April 2011
25/01/2013 Documents relating to 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 Settlement Grant Funding Agreements to provide youth settlement services in Adelaide
23/01/2013 Documents relating to delegations and authorisations for staff in Queensland offices 2006–2008
16/01/2013 A document relating to the injuries sustained in the Christmas Island riot in March 2011
16/01/2013 A report arising from the staff survey undertaken in September 2012
14/01/2013 The incident reports for five self harm incidents in detention facilities in 2010 and 2011
14/01/2013 Citizenship test statistics for the financial year 2011/2012
04/01/2013 Costs and fact sheet relating to the assisted voluntary return program
03/01/2013 Documents relating to the current tender and contract for Migrant and Refugees Settlement Services of the ACT Inc. for provision of the Humanitarian Settlement Services Program in the ACT