Privacy part D – Additional information

A snapshot of some of our personal information practices can be found on Form 1442i. This provides a summary of:

  • the purposes for which we collect and use personal information
  • our collection powers
  • to whom we usually disclose the personal information we collect
  • our collection, use and disclosure powers as an enforcement body
  • how to lodge a privacy complaint.

Information is collected from a wide variety of sources including other government agencies, non-government agencies and individuals.

Information collected includes:

  • Passenger Name Record (PNR) data
  • Integrated Cargo System (ICS) data
  • Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) data
  • SmartGate data
  • Passenger Analysis Clearance Evaluation (PACE) data
  • Intelligence data
  • Investigations records
  • Detained Goods data
  • Tariff Concession and classification records
  • Valuation records
  • Aircraft and vessel information etc.
  • Infringement Notice Scheme records
  • Aviation and Maritime Security Identification card records.

Additional information about our privacy practices is available from the following sources: