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Regulator Performance Framework

As part of the Australian Government’s Deregulation Agenda, the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) has been established as a means for Commonwealth regulators to evaluate, in partnership with key stakeholder groups, overall regulatory performance.

The RPF applies to all Commonwealth entities and functions that have statutory responsibility to administer, monitor or enforce regulation. For the Department of Home Affairs (the Department), the RPF applies to the following organisational functions:

  • delivery of visitor, temporary resident, migration and citizenship programs
  • delivery of humanitarian and refugee programs
  • facilitation and enforcement of travel 
  • facilitation and enforcement of trade and customs.

Functions that extend to law enforcement and non-compliance activities and courts or tribunals are exempt from the Framework, including functions relating to detention, illegal maritime arrivals, counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism.

The RPF requires regulators to annually assess their regulatory performance against mandatory key performance indicators (KPIs).

Evidence metrics

To support the Department's assessment against these mandatory KPIs, organisational-specific evidence metrics have been developed:   


The Department’s externally validated self-assessments against the RPF include the Regulator Performance Framework – Self-Assessment 2015–16 (372KB PDF).

External Review Panel Report

In accordance with the Government’s Deregulation Agenda, the Department has conducted an external review to ensure our implementation of the RPF is compliant with Government requirements. See Regulator Performance Framework – External Review Panel Report – June 2018 (761KB PDF).

The Office of Transport Security

The Office of Transport Security (OTS) recently transferred from the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities to the Department of Home Affairs.

OTS is Australia’s transport security regulator for aviation transport, maritime transport and the offshore oil and gas industry. Its role is to ensure Australians and our national interests are secure through regulation that supports industry and the community as they carry out trade and travel activities.

The RPF applies to the following functions for the OTS:

  • industry understanding of their regulatory obligations and security risks
  • international standards improving aviation and maritime security in Australia and the region
  • percentage of activities completed as set out in the National Compliance Plan.

Additional information on the OTS, including its reports under the RPF, can be found on the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities website.