Once You Have Lodged Your Application

You can expect us to:

  • undertake checks, as required, to confirm that the information and documents you have provided are truthful and accurate
  • finalise your application as quickly as possible and in accordance with Australian law
  • explain our decisions and tell you how to apply for review (if your application is refused and you have review rights)

We expect you to:

Provide any documents or information we request within the specified time or tell us immediately if this is not possible.

Quote your file number or other reference number when you contact or send documents to us.

Advise of changes in your, or the person acting on your behalf, residential address or other contact details if it will be longer than 14 days.
Form 929Change of address and/or passport details

Form 956Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance

Form 956AAppointment or withdrawal of an authorised recipient

Tell us if your circumstances change (if you get married, enter a de facto relationship, give birth to a child, change employers)

See: Form 1022Notification of changes of circumstances

Let us know if you cannot come to an appointment we have made with you.  Keep your contact with the case officer or section processing your application to a minimum, to allow processing of your own and other applications to proceed as quickly as possible

Understand that our staff are bound by the Australian Privacy Act, which governs how the department handles, and protects, personal information.

See: Information form 1​442iPrivacy Notice