Emergency response plans

In Australia, state and territory governments have primary responsibility for protecting life, property and environment within their borders. They have established plans and arrangements to respond to, and recover from, natural and human-caused emergencies.

To complement the efforts of state, territory and international governments responding to an emergency, the Australian Government can also provide physical and financial assistance.

The Department of Home Affairs, through Emergency Management Australia (EMA), coordinates:

  • Australian Government disaster assistance to states and territories
  • state and territory emergency response capabilities to disasters overseas (if requested by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

EMA maintains response plans for a range of physical assistance options that can be provided to state and territory governments and international partners responding to an emergency.

Australian Government Disaster Response Plan – COMDISPLAN

This plan explains how the Australian Government responds to requests for assistance from state and territory governments responding to a disaster.

Australian Government Overseas Assistance Plan – AUSASSISTPLAN

This plan explains the coordination arrangements for providing physical assistance following a disaster or emergency in another country.

Australian Government Plan for the Reception of Australian Citizens and Approved Foreign Nationals Evacuated from Overseas – AUSRECEPLAN

This plan explains how the Australia Government evacuates Australian citizens and approved foreign nationals following an emergency incident overseas.

Australian Government Aviation Disaster Response Plan – AUSAVPLAN

This plan explains how the Australian Government works with state and territory governments and industry stakeholders to manage an actual or imminent aviation disaster.

Australian Government Space Re-entry debris plan – AUSPREDPLAN

This plan explains how the Australian Government manages risk posed by re-entering space debris, which may impact Australia.

National Catastrophic Natural Disaster Plan – NATCATDISPLAN

This plan explains the national coordination arrangements for supporting states, territories and the Australian Government in responding to and recovering from catastrophic natural disasters in Australia.