Security coordination

This department is responsible for the security arrangements of Australian high office holders and visiting foreign dignitaries to ensure they are safe as they carry out their work in Australia.

We achieve this by undertaking strategic risk assessment and coordinating the allocation of security resources.

Physical security

We coordinate the physical security infrastructure arrangements for:

  • the Prime Minister
  • the Governor-General
  • federal ministers
  • presiding officers of both Houses
  • the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition of both Houses
  • former Prime Ministers and Governors-General
  • senators and members of Parliament who are assessed to be at threat
  • at-risk diplomatic and consular officials and sites.

We meet this responsibility by conducting physical security risk reviews on:

  • high office holders' electorate offices and residences
  • diplomatic and consular community missions
  • official establishments including The Lodge and Government, Kirribilli, and Admiralty Houses
  • Commonwealth parliamentary offices.

This work also includes coordinating the Australian Government's fleet of armoured limousines.

Special event security

The Australian Government has an important role to play in ensuring that effective security risk management planning is provided for special national and international events.

We coordinate Australian Government agencies to make sure they respond appropriately to event organisers and relevant international, state or territory governments.

We are responsible for preparing strategic security risk assessments for events as part of security planning, including such major events as the annual ANZAC Commemorations, significant sporting events and the Commonwealth Games.

Continuity of government

We are also responsible for continuity of government arrangements which provide support and services for the continuity of the Cabinet and the Federal Executive Council in the unlikely event of a national security situation that may impact on the business of one or both bodies.