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Living Safe Together Grants Programme

The Australian Government recognises that communities play a vital role in reducing the influence of radicalisation at the grassroots level, and is committed to supporting their efforts.

Through the $1.9 million Living Safe Together Grants Programme, more than 40 community-based organisations across Australia were awarded grants. The objective of the grants is to help community-based organisations strengthen their capacity to work with individuals to help them disengage from violent extremism and reconnect with their communities. These grants will help organisations to:

  • design and develop new services
  • build more sustainable capacity in existing services
  • strengthen existing services to address radicalisation.

The Living Safe Together Grants Programme will enable organisations to further develop their capacity to deliver services that may include, for example, leadership, mentoring, counselling, education and employment support programmes. The grants will not fund the delivery of these services; rather they will assist organisations to strengthen their organisational capacity to deliver this complex and sensitive work.

Applications for this grants programme closed on 2 March 2015 and successful applicants have been awarded grants.

For more information on how communities and the government are working together to counter violent extremism, visit the Living Safe Together website.