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Critical Infrastructure Program for Modelling and Analysis

Critical infrastructure delivers services essential to our daily lives, such as power, water, health services, communications and banking.

Natural disasters, pandemics, accidents, negligence, criminal activity and terrorist attack can damage or destroy critical infrastructure.

The Critical Infrastructure Program for Modelling and Analysis (CIPMA) is part of the Australian Government’s strategy to help Australia:

  • reduce exposure to risk
  • recover from major disruptions and disasters
  • learn from incidents.

This department manages CIPMA as part of the government’s Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy.

CIPMA at work

CIPMA uses a vast array of data and information to model and simulate the behaviour of critical infrastructure systems and how they interrelate.

Governments and critical infrastructure owners and operators can use CIPMA's modelling and analysis to help prevent, prepare for, respond to, or recover from, a natural or human-caused disruption to critical infrastructure. It draws on all its partners to do so, including other owners and operators of critical infrastructure, state and territory governments, and Australian Government agencies.

CIPMA supports the work of the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) for critical infrastructure resilience. The network is a forum for owners and operators of critical infrastructure and governments to share information.

Expressions of interest for collaboration

CIPMA encourages expressions of interest from members of the TISN to engage with it to undertake collaborative research projects on the risks and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure.

Potential project applicants should engage with CIPMA as early as possible, as the lead times for project preparation (eg stakeholder engagement, scoping, data provision etc) can be long.

CIPMA will consider project applications based on their alignment with key strategic priorities that support the resilience of Australia's critical infrastructure, particularly projects with a cross-sectoral focus. It may allocate resources to particular projects or undertake work on a cost-recovery basis.

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Position: CIPMA
Call: 02 6141 4505
Outside Australia: +61 2 6141 4505
Email: enquiries@cicentre.gov.au
Address: 3–5 National Circuit