Cyber security

Cyber security is as intrinsically linked to innovation as it is to national security. It is the bedrock of innovation, growth and prosperity. Today and into the future, it is a national opportunity that governments, the private sector and the community are all invested in and can all derive benefit from.

Australia needs to get cyber security right. We need to work as a nation to secure our networks and systems. Not only to protect our information, but to:

  • provide the environment for Australian innovation to flourish
  • enable our technology industry to thrive
  • capitalise on the growing global need for better cyber security solutions, equipment and skilled individuals.​

Current initiatives

The Department of Home Affairs leads the development of cyber security policy for the Australian Government.

Our work spans cyber security threats and opportunities for Australia - both domestic and international – and is founded in partnerships with governments, the private sector, academic institutions and community organisations.

We steer the implementation of the Government's Cyber Security Strategy to position Australia as a global cyber security leader, and assess progress of the Strategy's Action Plan.

Our work on specific initiatives, such as the Cyber Security Challenge Australia, promote cyber security skills and cooperation and encourage more women to choose cyber security careers. More information about each initiative is available:


A range of resources relating to cyber security is available for more information.

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The Department of the Home Affairs is the lead agency for cyber security policy across the Australian Government. For more information on the Cyber Security Review or our other initiatives, email

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