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International cyber policy engagement

Australia will work with its international partners to actively promote an open, free and secure cyberspace based on our values of free speech, privacy and the rule of law.

The newly appointed Cyber Ambassador will lead Australia's efforts on this front together with a coordinated approach to cyber capacity building in our region.

Three core principles guide Australia's international cyber engagement:

  1. The current way the internet is governed, involving the private sector and the community as equal partners with governments, is the most effective model. This multi-stakeholder model of internet governance delivers economic benefit and social opportunity while balancing fundamental human rights, such as freedom of expression and privacy.
  2. State behaviour in cyberspace is governed by international law and reinforced by agreed norms of state behaviour and practical confidence building measures to reduce the risk of conflict.
  3. Developing cyber capacity internationally helps to close the digital and economic divide between developed and developing nations and, in doing so, enhances Australia's national security and export opportunities.


Organisations involved in cyber security:

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We are the lead agency for cyber security policy across the Australian Government. For more information on the Cyber Security Review, email cyber@homeaffairs.gov.au.