Department of Home Affairs Annual Report 2017–18

The Department of Home Affairs Annual Report 2017-18 (6.3MB PDF) structure reflects the recent establishment of the Department and an overview of each part is provided below. In addition, the report has been prepared in accordance with the Department of Finance’s Resource Management Guide No.135 Annual reports for non-corporate Commonwealth entities, issued in May 2017.

The eight parts of the report are provided below.

Preliminary (577KB PDF)

Copyright and contact details, and the letter of transmittal to the Minister for Home Affairs.

Part 1: Overview (1MB PDF)

A review of the year by the Secretary of the Department of Home Affairs and the Commissioner of the ABF, including significant achievements, developments, performance against objectives and financial performance. It also provides an overview of the Department and the ABF, their roles, functions and organisational structures.

Part 2: Annual performance statement (1.6MB PDF)

The Department’s results against performance criteria outlined in corporate documents from entities that had functions for which the Department of Home Affairs became responsible.

Part 3: Building Home Affairs (177KB PDF)

An overview of the establishment of the Department of Home Affairs, and highlights the work of recently transferred functions that do not presently have formal performance measures, including Cyber Security, Counter-terrorism, Commonwealth Transitional, Serious and Organised Crime, Critical Infrastructure and National Counter foreign Interference.

Parts 4: Financial performance (3.7MB PDF)

An analysis and summary of the departments financial performance, including expense and capital expenditure.

Part 5: Financial statements (3.8MB PDF)

Discussion and analysis of the Departments financial statements, including the functions that were subject to machinery-of-government changes, audited financial statements and a report by the Auditor-General.

Part 6: Management and accountability (2.6MB PDF)

Information about the Department’s governance framework, fraud and risk management arrangements, external scrutiny, workforce planning, human resources and purchasing.

Part 7: Appendices (1MB PDF)

Supplementary information, including the Years at a Glance statistical table, corrected minor errors from the 2016–17 annual report, tables relating to the report on financial performance, information on legal services expenditure, and information on the operation of the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) and the Information Publication Scheme.

Part 8: Reference material (1.1MB PDF)

A list of abbreviations and acronyms, a glossary, the list of requirements under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Rule 2014 and the alphabetical index of contents.

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