Each week on average

We cleared

649,736 air passengers

arriving in or departing from Australia on more than 3679 flights

687 ships

arriving and departing Australian ports and assessed and intervened with approximately 108 vessels

24,251 sea crew

arriving at or departing from Australian sea ports

25 pleasure craft

arriving or departing Australia during pleasure craft season

99,743 import and export entries

646,644 imported air cargo consignments reported and 57,230 imported sea cargo reports

We surveilled

3 million square nautical miles

of the Australian Maritime Jurisdiction in conjunction with the Australian Defence Force to combat threats to Australia's sovereignty, the marine environment and offshore resources, and to secure maritime trade and commerce

We deployed

44 detector dog teams

across our airports, sea ports and postal gateways and made 1680 detections

We collected

$301.1 million

in revenue on behalf of the Australian Government

We patrolled

Australia's coastline and sea

including the Southern Ocean and northern waters, to respond to, mitigate or eliminate risks posed by civil maritime security threats, including illegal maritime arrivals and illegal exploitation of natural resources

Seaports, wharves and waterfront

establishing and maintaining robust waterfront and cargo security to detect, deter and disrupt the movement of illegal people and goods across the border—achieved through information-gathering, observation, interception, questioning and search activities. The waterfront was patrolled for an average of 532 hours, while inshore waters were patrolled for an average of 142 hours

Remote coastal areas

for information-collection, reconnaissance and observation tasks in isolated coastal areas, including beaches, banks, harbours, marinas, boat ramps, coastline, rivers and bays for an average of 174 hours

Airside locations

by Counter Terrorism Unit teams for an average of 177 hours to identify and detect border breaches

We inspected

1948 Twenty-foot Equivalent Units (TEUs)

Twenty-foot Equivalent Units in sea cargo

38,825 air cargo


1.067 million mail items

including letters, Express Mail Service, parcels and packets

We detected or seized

Prohibited items

including weapons, replica firearms, dangerous goods, protected wildlife, illegal pornography, material involving breaches of copyright and tobacco

632 drug imports

including performance and image-enhancing drugs