The year at a glance

Table 1: Year at a glance snapshot in 2014–15
Permanent outcomes and visas granted
Revenue generated by visa applications$1,818.7 million
Total permanent outcomes and visas granteda7,500,794
Total temporary visas grantedb7,173,556
Visitor visas granted4,311,498
Special Category (subclass 444) visas granted 1,798,220
Maritime Crew and Transit visas granted 320,067
Student visas granted (includes student guardians) 300,963
Working holiday maker visas granted 226,812
Temporary residents (other) visas grantedc119,813
Temporary Work (Skilled) (subclass 457) visas granted 96,084
Total Migration Programme outcome 189,097
Skill stream outcome 127,774
Family stream outcome 61,085
Special eligibility238
Resident Return visas granted 121,811
New Zealand citizens granted permanent visas2,530
Refugee and humanitarian entry
Humanitarian Programme visas granted 13,756
Temporary Protection visas granted 44
Border security
Passenger and crew arrivals and departures 36.76 million
Immigration clearances refused at airports 3,667
Immigration clearances refused at seaports 54
Illegal maritime arrivals (IMAs) transferred to immigration authorities 164
Percentage of temporary entrants who maintained their lawful immigration status while in Australia99%
Unlawful non-citizens located16,567
Notices issued to employers of illegal workers655
Removals and assisted departures (onshore)d11,705
Foreign fishers taken into immigration detention 25
Foreign fishers in immigration detention on 30 June 20150
Visa overstayers or people who breached visa conditions taken into immigration detention3,889
Visa overstayers or people who breached visa conditions in immigration detention on 30 June 2015892
IMAs taken into immigration detention (including crew)963
IMAs in immigration detention on 30 June 2015 2,239
Total number of people taken into immigration detention 8,588
Total number of people released or removed from immigration detention 12,108
Total number of people in immigration detention on 30 June 2015 3,202
Number of people conferred Australian citizenship136,572
People approved as Australian citizens by conferral, descent and resumption167,624
Telephone calls to citizenship information line341,697
Client contact
Telephone calls to service centres (general enquiries and citizenship information lines)1.13 million
Telephone interpreting calls1.25 million
Administrative law matters resolved in courts and the Administrative Appeals Tribunal4,023
Percentage in favour of Minister (that proceeded to defended hearings in court)95%
Australia-based staff (ongoing and non-going)8,225
Overseas-based staff (Australian-based staff overseas and locally engaged employees)e1,334
Total staff at 30 June 2015 9,559
  1. Excludes Bridging visas.
  2. From 2014–15 the definition of temporary visa was expanded. Includes Criminal Justice Entry (35) and Criminal Justice Stay (64) visa grants.
  3. Includes temporary graduates, economic (excluding subclass 457) and non-economic.
  4. This figure accounts for total onshore compliance departures and excludes IMAs, IMA crew, IMA BVE, IFFs and other unauthorised arrivals.
  5. In 2014–15, 341,697 telephone calls were made to the citizenship information line.
  6. Total overseas staff includes 204 A-based staff and 1130 locally engaged staff.