Security awareness training

Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACAs), Accredited Air Cargo Agents (AACAs) and Known Consignors must all provide security awareness training to employees in accordance with the provisions in their respective Security Programs.

Air Cargo Security Awareness Training eLearning module

A free online training module, Air Cargo Security Awareness Training, is available for RACAs, AACAs and Known Consignors. It includes interactive content with assessment questions, and is specifically designed to meet the learning outcomes specified by the Department in RACA, AACA and Known Consignor Security Programs.

The online training module can be accessed via the Air Cargo Security Training web portal.

Login credentials are required to access the web portal. For a login, talk to your security manager or contact

Security awareness training requirements

Upon completion of the security awareness training, individuals working for RACAs, AACAs and Known Consignors should be able to:

  1. describe the current threat context to aviation and air cargo
  2. explain the roles played by industry and government in protecting air cargo
  3. follow and apply their workplace procedures to protect the security of air cargo
  4. identify suspicious activities, behaviour and cargo
  5. respond to and report suspicious activities, behaviour and cargo
  6. keep cargo secure through basic facility, information and personnel security measures.

For more information on your specific security awareness training requirements, refer to your Security Program.

Frequently asked questions

Have regulatory requirements for security awareness training changed?

No. RACAs, AACAs and Known Consignors will continue to be responsible for providing security awareness training to their employees in accordance with provisions in their respective Security Programs. This includes your obligation to record information about all security awareness training completed by your employees, and ensure that individuals receive refresher training at least every two years.

Can I deliver my own security awareness training to my employees?

AACAs are required to ensure that all relevant staff complete the Department's online eLearning module Air Cargo Security Awareness Training.

If an AACA does not wish to use the Department's eLearning module, they may apply to the Department for a variation to their Security Program. This application would need to outline the proposed security awareness training to be provided, and how it meets the learning outcomes specified by the Department.

RACAs and Known Consignors must also ensure that they provide security awareness training to relevant staff that meets the learning outcomes specified by the Department. If RACAs or Known Consignors choose to develop and deliver their own security awareness training programs, they must provide evidence to the Department that these meet the specified learning outcomes.

Can I use an external provider to deliver security awareness training?

If an AACA wishes to use an external training provider, they first need to apply to the Department for a variation to their Security Program and have this alternate training approved.

RACAs and Known Consignors may use a third party training provider to develop and deliver security awareness training on their behalf. However, evidence must be provided to the Department that the training meets the specified learning outcomes.

How do I gain access to the online training module?

The Department will provide the Security Contact Officer with instructions on how to access the module on the Department's website.

How do my employees use the new online training module?

All employees can access the module using the logon provided to your business.

On completion of the module, employees are prompted to enter their name and organisation and a certificate is displayed on the screen. The certificate can be printed (or a screenshot taken and saved) to confirm the employee has completed the training.

While it is not compulsory to print or save the certificate, industry participants must ensure records are kept to confirm that training has been completed.

Air cargo security training enquiries

For more information, contact the Department.

Phone: 1300 791 581 (select option 2)