Strengthened aviation security requirements

On 8 May 2018, the Australian Government announced measures to further strengthen Australia's domestic and international aviation security.

Following the disrupted alleged terror plot in July 2017, it is essential that security measures continue to address the emerging threat environment.

The strengthened security measures will ensure Australia remains a trusted destination for trade and travel and a world-leader in aviation security.

Implementation of these new initiatives will commence immediately across Australia's major and regional airports. Not all changes will be visible to the public and travellers may see different equipment being installed at airports at different times.

Some of the measures include the use of body scanners and advanced X-ray equipment at major and regional Australian airports. The Government recognises the unique challenges faced by regional aviation and will provide $50.1 million in funding to regional airports to assist with security upgrades.

The Department will continue to work with airports, airlines, and air cargo industry participants to implement changes and manage the impact on travellers and trade. The new requirements may see an increase in the time taken to undergo security screening. This is a small trade off to ensure that air travel and the aviation sector remains safe and secure.

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