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Identity security

Important ASIC and MSIC changes from 1 August 2017

From 1 August 2017 new ASIC and MSIC identity verification requirements apply. This means ASIC and MSIC applicants will need to:

  • present in person to their issuing body (or their issuing body’s representative) with original identity documents
  • meet the new categories of identity documents.

Applicant should contact their issuing body to find out if they have a local representative before submitting an application.

For further information, see Identity security amendments.

The aviation security identification card (ASIC) and the maritime security identification card (MSIC) are an important part of securing the aviation, maritime and offshore oil and gas sectors from acts of terrorism and unlawful interference.

An ASIC or an MSIC shows that the holder has a valid background check.

An ASIC or an MSIC is not an access card and does not give the holder the right to access aviation secure areas or maritime security zones without the permission from the relevant authority or facility owner or operator.

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