ASIC/MSIC ‘Job ready’ changes for applicants

‘Job ready’ changes from 15 December 2015

You may now be able to apply for an Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) or Maritime Security Identification Card (MSIC) before you get a job.

At a glance

  • You may now be able to apply for an ASIC or MSIC before you get a job.
  • Your issuing body can confirm if they offer ‘job ready’ applications. Not all issuing bodies will take these types of applications.
  • You cannot receive an ASIC or MSIC until you can prove you have an operational need for a card. For example, you have a job that requires an ASIC or MSIC.
  • Issuing bodies cannot issue cards for all sites and only the issuing body that receives your ‘job ready’ application can issue your card.
  • The ASIC or MSIC will expire 2 years after your background check was approved. This is not the date your card was issued to you.
    • Four-year MSICs expire 4 years after your background check was approved. But you will automatically undergo a second background check 2 years after the first background check was approved.

What has changed?

  • The rules around ASIC and MSIC applications have changed and some issuing bodies may now accept your application before you have secured a relevant job.
    • Previously you could not apply for an ASIC or MSIC until after you had secured a job in the industry.
  • This means you will no longer have to prove you need an ASIC or an MSIC before your application can be processed. However, you cannot be issued with an ASIC or MSIC without proving your operational need for a card.
  • You may be able to complete the background checking process and then, as soon as you can prove you need an ASIC or MSIC to your issuing body, you may be issued with an ASIC or MSIC.
  • Where applicable, you may also be able to progress an application through the ‘discretionary’ card process.

What do you need to do to use ‘job ready’?

  • Contact an issuing body and ask the following questions:
    • Does the issuing body accept ‘job ready’ applications?
    • Will the issuing body be able to issue an MSIC or ASIC for use at any port or airport, respectively?
      • If not, for which port(s) or airport(s) can the issuing body issue cards?
      • Are these locations where you expect to work?
    • What is the cost for a ‘job ready’ application? (Issuing bodies will set the cost for processing these applications.)
  • ASICs and MSICs are separate application processes. So, if you are applying for jobs in both the aviation and maritime sectors, you would need to lodge separate ‘job ready’ applications.

How do you progress from ‘job ready’ to having an ASIC or MSIC?

  • To be issued with an ASIC or MSIC you must prove you have an operational need for a card.
    • For MSICs this means your job or business interests require you to access a maritime security zone unmonitored at least once each year.
    • For ASICs this means you require frequent access to all or part of a secure area of an airport for the operation of the airport or an aircraft or the purpose of your job or business.
  • To prove you have operational need you must provide written evidence to support your claim. This may include (but is not limited to):
    • A letter explaining your reason(s) for needing access to a secure area/zone from one of the following:
      • your employer or prospective employer;
      • a contracting party or prospective contracting party; or
      • the industry participant responsible for the location you require access to.
    • A letter from a recent employer and/or certificates of qualifications relating to your need to access a secure area/zone. These documents should be dated no more than six months before you submit your application.
    • Evidence of a licence that demonstrates you will require access to a secure area/zone.  For example, an aviation or maritime pilot's licence.
  • An issuing body may require one or more examples of evidence supporting your claim of operational need before they issue you with a card.
  • You can speed up the process by providing as much information as possible to your issuing body about your reasons for requiring access to a secure area/zone.
  • The issuing body makes the final decision on whether or not you meet the operational need requirement but this decision must meet government regulations.

Your obligations relating to your ASIC and MSIC application

  • As with any ASIC or MSIC application, ‘job ready’ applicants undergo a government background checking process.
  • You must report any maritime-security-relevant offences and any aviation-security-relevant offences that occur after you have started your application process.

What if you have a criminal record?

  • Your application for an ASIC or MSIC may be refused if you have a criminal record.
  • You may be able to apply for a ‘discretionary’ card after your background check result and before you have an operational need to start your job.
  • If you are approved under the ‘discretionary’ card process, your issuing body still cannot issue you a card until your operational need is confirmed.

More information about ASICs and MSICs

For more information about the lists of approved ASIC and MSIC issuing bodies, background checking processes, and the discretionary card processes, see Issuing bodies.

There is also a Job ready changes for applicants (352KB PDF) factsheet.