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Regulator Performance Framework

​The Regulator Performance Framework (the Framework) has been established to assess regulators' performance while carrying out their regulatory functions and in their interactions with industry and the community.

The Framework aims to improve the way regulators operate, increase accountability and transparency while reducing the costs incurred by business from the administration of regulations.

The Aviation and Maritime Security Division (AMS), formerly the Office of Transport Security (OTS) has consolidated the Regulator Performance Framework key performance indicators with its corporate performance measures to assess and evaluate its performance.

AMS' performance measures for 2016–17 are:

  1. Industry understanding of their regulatory obligations and security risks.
  2. International standards improve aviation and maritime security in Australia and the region.
  3. Percentage of activities completed as set out in the National Compliance Plan.


AMS has undertaken the annual self-assessment of our performance against the Regulator Performance Framework (RPF) for the period of 1 July 2016–30 June 2017.

AMS would like to thank all industry participants that responded to the 2017 short survey.

Responses assisted AMS to identify and take necessary steps in addressing any key performance issues. The Regulator Performance Framework Self-Assessment Report 2016-17 (540KB PDF) is now available.