Customs Connect Facility (CCF)

The Customs Connect Facility (CCF) provides a corporate gateway for external clients to connect to, and use the Department's applications. Most of these CCF services are essential for the Department's operations. The smooth movement of cargo depends on industry organisations connecting to the Integrated Cargo System (ICS), via the CCF, to complete approximately 450,000 electronic transactions per day.

There are five (5) levels of access available to users (relating to Import Declarations). These levels are:

  • Read Only
  • Save, Submit
  • Lodge (withdraw)
  • Pay EFT
  • Amend EDI sites

All organisations (including sole traders) with the ICS role of Licensed Brokerage and/or Importer have these options within the new Identity manager. Administrators have the rights to grant access to the applications and then assign roles to other users within their organisation.

All other organisations have access to restrict users permissions to read only access (for Import declarations) and amend EDI sites.

CCF Agreement

When registering for the CCF an agreement is entered into between the client and the Department. A copy of this agreement can be found here.

Known Issues

White screens on Integrated Cargo System for Internet Explorer Users. For resolution please click here.

If you are missing responses or status messages from the Department, a guide on how to re-transmit messages can be found here.

User Guides

A range of User Guides have been provided to assist with all functions of the Customs Interactive.

Login/Registration User Guides

-           How to install digital certificates in the CAPI store
-           How to log into the CCF
-           How to Self-Register your organisation
-           How to log into the Identity Manager

Navigation User Guides

-           Identity Manager screen features
-           How to view your details in Identity Manager (Administrator)
-           How to view your details in Identity Manager (Signing Authority)
-           How to view your details in Identity Manager (User)

Digital Certificate User Guides

-           How to add a digital certificate for a Registered user
-           How to create a new user or device (type 3)
-           How to enable a User who is Pending registration

Other functions User Guides

-           How to find a User in your Organisation
-           How to make someone a Signing Authority
-           How to make someone an Administrator
-           How to manage User rights to applications
-           Identity Manager User Certificate Statuses
-           Identity Manager User Roles
-           How to activate deactivate an existing user (Signing Authority Administrator)

On screen help within the Customs Interactive is also available.