These resources provide general information on cargo processes and information that will assist in use of the Department's systems and forms for the importing and exporting of goods.

Australian Customs Cargo Advices (ACCAs) - ACCAs provide details of changes to significant and relevant processes and procedures.

Australian Customs Notices - These notices provide information about rules and regulations for brokers.

ICS Production Reports - ICS Production Reports provide a summary of a range of details concerning ICS performance and message volumes. 

ICS Release Notes - Each release contains a number of changes and incident fixes. These plain English explanations of the changes aim to allow industry to better understand what has been fixed, and how it might relate to achieving or improving their business outcomes.

Complying with your obligations - This page provides details on how to comply with Customs-related law in all transactions involving the importation or exportation of goods.

Customs Tariff - Goods imported into Australia require classification under the Customs Tariff Act 1995. This page will provide links to documents that will assist in this process.

General Importer Fact Sheets - These fact sheets provide general information on importing goods.

General Exporter Fact Sheets - These fact sheets provide general information on exporting goods.

Manuals - The ICS manuals outline the policies and step-by-step processes for reporting the import and export of air and sea cargo. It also includes a module on the generic functions of the ICS.

- A  list of departmental forms.

Media, publications and forms - Find details of the Department's publications, media information and  general forms.