Types Of Digital Certificates

There are a range of digital certificates available from VeriSign Australia. The type of certificate you purchase depends on your chosen method of communication, and the number of certificates purchased depends on how many people in your organisation will require them.

ABN-DSC digital certificates

Australian Business Number-Digital Signature Certificates (ABN-DSCs) are suitable for organisations that require Gatekeeper certificates in the course of their business. Any organisation with a valid ABN can apply for an ABN-DSC.

There are two types of ABN-DSC certificates; Authorised Officer (AO) ABN-DSCs and Standard ABN-DSCs.

Authorised Officer ABN-DSC

An Authorised Officer has the authority to request VeriSign to issue certificates to other members of an organisation. When applying for ABN-DSC certificates you must appoint at least one Authorised Officer.

Standard ABN-DSC

A Standard ABN-DSC certificate is the same as an Authorised Officer certificate, however, applicants are not required to undergo a personal identification check. An organisation's Authorised Officer is responsible for validating an applicant's identity before requesting VeriSign to issue a certificate.

Device certificates
evice certificates will not authenticate human entities. They are device or server-based certificate for organisations whose communications are signed by a server. This will be of direct relevance to businesses that use EDI to communicate with the Department. To obtain a Device certificate, an applicant must have an ABN and obtain a type ABN-DSC certificate.

Type 3 Host certificates
Type 3 Host certificates are for organisations that elect to use a Host Bureau service for import declaration transactions. The Host Bureau sends EDI messages to the Department on behalf of a client. The Host Bureau will manage the Type 3 Host certificate on the client's behalf.

The Host Bureau must be recognised by the Department to manage Type 3 Host certificates.
Read more information on Bureaus.

Individual digital certificates (Grade 2)
Individual Digital Certificates are used by individuals who wish to identify themselves electronically to a Government agency or organisations that accepts Gatekeeper Digital Certificates. The individual is the only person identified in the certificate and therefore assumes sole responsibility for any and all transactions undertaken using the digital certificate.

Only Grade 2 Individual certificates can be used with the Department's.

Non-individual digital certificates
Non-Individual digital certificates are for organisations wanting to engage in online transactions with Government Agencies or other organisations that accept Gatekeeper digital certificates. They identify an individual as a representative of an organisation.