Who Needs One

A digital certificate will be required by any individual or organisation who will communicate directly with the Department electronically via the ICS.

These include:

  • service providers (for example, brokerages, cargo reporters, freight forwarders and bureaus)
  • exporters, importers, and cargo reporters who communicate directly, and who do not use service providers to communicate with the Department.
  • software developers (for the purpose of developing software)
  • Customs Interactive users

How many digital certificates will be needed?

All direct electronic communicators will need at least one digital certificate. The number of certificates required by a business will be dependant on the IT setup and the method of communication chosen by the organisation.
For those businesses that plan to use EDI, the software developers who supplied the EDI software will be able to provide advice and assistance.

Where do I get a digital certificate?

The Department's PKI framework is established under the Government’s Gatekeeper Strategy, meaning that the Department will only accept certificates issued by Gatekeeper accredited Certifying Authorities. The only Gatekeeper Certifying Authority is Symantec.

The cost of a digital certificate will vary depending on the type purchased. For full details of costs, visit the Symantec Gatekeeper website.