All imports must be reported to the Department of Home Affairs through the Integrated Cargo System (ICS).
This section provides a range of information pertaining to importing processes.

The import cargo process can be divided into two stages:

Import cargo clearance

The reporting of the actual goods contained in a consignment. This is known as an import declaration. Full import declarations (FIDs) are used by importers, or licensed brokers acting on their behalf, to clear goods from customs control.
FIDs are required for all imported goods with a Customs value that exceeds the entry threshold as defined in Section 68 of the Customs Act 1901.

The current threshold value is $A1000.

Import cargo reporting

The reporting of all cargo prior to the cargo's actual arrival in Australia. This involves providing details about the mode of transport, the voyage, as well as information about the goods, and when they are expected to arrive in Australia. Providing this information is critical for the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Agriculture to make risk assessment decisions.

Import Cargo Clearance information

Import Cargo Reporting information

Import cargo clearance manuals Import cargo reporting manuals
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