Need more help

Email is preferred method of communication for the Cargo Clearance Centre

If you need to phone the Cargo Clearance Centre on 1300 558 099, please ensure you have the following information ready to give the officer:

1. Australian Business Number (ABN) or Customs Client ID (CCID)
2. Your name, telephone number, email address and your role in the organisation
3. The details of your enquiry, e.g. your container number, airway bill number, import declaration number or export declaration number
4. Wherever possible, you should be logged onto the Customs interactive.

Having this information when you call enables the officer will quickly action your request.

Providing additional information

You may be asked to provide additional information, depending on the complexity of the problem.

For enquiries that cannot be immediately resolved, you may be required to provide a screen shot (also known as a screen dump) to assist our officers analysing your problem.

To take a screen shot, please follow the steps in the linked guide.‚Äč How to email a screenshot. (346KB)

If your call cannot be completed in the first contact, you will be provided with a reference number either in the form of an RQ number or a CID number.

Please ask for this reference number if it is not automatically provided by the officer, and refer to these numbers for any further contact relating to your enquiry.

However, if you need to speak to someone regarding your query, please ensure that you have the relevant information at hand.

This may include your organisation's ABN, voyage, vessel or flight number, declaration number or digital certificate details.


Phone: 1300 558 099.