Facilitation and concession schemes

The Department administers a number of schemes and local manufacturers. The schemes include allowing the importation of goods at free or concessional rates and the deferment of duty payment.

Tariff Concession System


The System is a mechanism for granting a Tariff Concession Order to allow concessional entry of imported goods where no substitutable goods are produced in Australia.


Tariff Concession System Factsheet (38KB)


Customs Warehouses - Deferment of Duty


Provides industry with a duty deferral facility whereby owners of imported goods on which duty has not been paid may store those goods "underbond" in licensed warehouses until such time as they are ready to pay the duty and enter the goods into home consumption in Australia. Goods so stored may be exported or moved, with permission, to another licensed warehouse without incurring duty liability.


Customs Warehouses - Deferment of Duty Factsheet (27KB)


Enhanced Project By-law Scheme


The Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme provides tariff duty concessions on eligible capital goods of significant sized projects in the mining, resource processing, food processing, food packaging, manufacturing, agriculture and gas supply industry sectors.


Certain Inputs to Manufacture


The Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM) Program provides import duty concessions on certain imported raw materials, intermediate goods as well as prescribed metal materials and goods.www.business.gov.au




The Tradex Scheme provides relief to persons or organisations via an up-front exemption from customs duty and GST on imported goods intended for re-export or to be used as inputs to exports. The Scheme removes the need to 'drawback' these charges after export. www.business.gov.au