Application process and fees

Potential new customs brokers must submit an application and supporting documents to the Department. The application documents for each type of customs broker licence can be found on the relevant guidelines for completing a customs broker licence pages:

Please read the guidelines thoroughly before lodging an application as failure to provide the relevant information at the time of application may result in processing delays, or your application being returned to you for completion.

Application assessment process summary

  1. Complete the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) registration relevant to the type of licence you are applying for. Without this, we are unable to process your application.
  2. Submit your application to us, where it is assessed for completeness.
  3. You will then receive and pay an invoice for the application fee (see below).
  4. We undertake a range of background checks on you.
  5. A customs notice listing the applicants is published on our website allowing two weeks for the public to provide information for consideration, including objecting to your application.
  6. Once the background checks are complete and the objection period in the notice has expired, we send your application and any additional information to the National Customs Broker Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC) for investigation and recommendation to the Comptroller-General of Customs whether a customs broker licence should or should not be granted.
  7. NCBLAC reviews and assesses all information provided and advises us whether the licence should be granted or whether NCBLAC wishes to hold an inquiry meeting with you to gain more information to support your application.
  8. If an inquiry meeting is required, you will be contacted to arrange a suitable time and date. Applicants may also be required to supply more information, to that already provided or contained in the application, before a recommendation is made.
  9. After the enquiry meeting, NCBLAC provides us with a recommendation to grant or not grant a licence.
  10. We make a decision to grant or not grant a licence and advise you in writing of the decision.
  11. If successful you will be invoiced for the licence fee. You will be issued the licence when you have paid the fee.

If you are applying for more than one kind of licence, for example, corporate and nominee, you must submit an application for each licence type and satisfy all of the requirements for each licence.

Review of a decision

Paragraph 273GA(1)(k) of the Customs Act 1901 states that decisions are reviewable by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. To have a decision reviewed you must apply to the Tribunal within 28 days from the date of the letter advising of the Comptroller-General’s decision, or any such further time allowed in accordance with Section 29 of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975.

Licence expiry

A customs broker’s licence is granted for a period of up to three years.

All customs broker licences expire on 30 June, at intervals of three years, as described in Section 183CH of the Customs Act 1901.

In line with that section, expiry of all licences will occur on 30 June 2018, 30 June 2021 and every three years thereafter.

There is no pro rata calculation or refund on application or licence fees.


Application fees

  • Corporate AUD1300
  • Sole Trader AUD1300
  • Nominee AUD130

After the application has been confirmed as complete, the applicant will receive an application fee invoice. This must be paid to allow the application to progress to assessment. To receive the invoice you must be registered in the ICS.

Licence fees

  • Corporate AUD2400 (every 3 years)
  • Sole Trader AUD2400 (every 3 years)
  • Nominee AUD240 (every 3 years)

Successful applicants will receive notification that the licence has been granted, and an invoice for the licence fee. The licence is issued after the payment is received. The licence is granted for a period of up to three years.

Licence Renewal

We will send an application for renewal of licence to the last known address of the licensee.

The licensee will then be responsible for returning the completed renewal application and the payment of the licence fee

If you do not receive the renewal application from us (for example, if your address details were not up to date) it is still your responsibility to notify us that you wish to renew your licence.

The licensee must notify us in writing that you wish to renew your licence within two months before the expiry date.

The fees for the renewal of a customs broker licence must be paid before the end of the day the renewal of the licence is to come into force.