Continuing Professional Development

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The Department accredits licensed customs broker Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities by either:

  • the developer/provider submitting details of the proposed activity to the Broker Licensing section of the Department or
  • self-accreditation if the provider has attained 'Accredited CPD Provider' status.

When accrediting a CPD activity, both the Department and Accredited CPD Providers follow guideline criteria for accreditation developed in consultation with the National Customs Brokers Licensing Advisory Committee (NCBLAC).

The accreditation guideline criteria addresses the types of activities that are eligible for accreditation and the basis on which points are awarded to an eligible activity.

The Department has not placed limitations on the persons or organisations that might organise CPD activities. The focus is on the quality of the information and learning outcomes of the activity. The Department expects the following organisations to have an interest in developing (individually or with others) CPD activities for licensed customs brokers:

  • industry associations, seeking to provide value-added services to their members
  • registered training organisations, seeking to complement, leverage or increase the range of courses they already offer
  • employers of licensed customs brokers, seeking to enhance the skills of their employees
  • consultants to licensed corporate customs brokerages, such as tariff and dumping consultants and legal firms, seeking to increase market awareness of their services
  • suppliers of practice management software, seeking to increase sales of their products, and
  • trade regulators, seeking to promote a better understanding of the regulatory regimes they administer.

Similarly, there are no limitations on who can present CPD activities. The Presenter will have relevant experience and qualifications that enable them to deliver a meaningful learning opportunity. The Department expects the following persons to have an interest in presenting CPD activities for licensed customs brokers:

  • experienced licensed customs brokers
  • qualified educators from registered training organisations
  • experienced consultants and professional service providers to customs brokers
  • experts in practice management tools, methods and software, and
  • relevant officials of trade regulators.

Accredited CPD Providers

The Department may grant a CPD provider that had at least 75 per cent of its CPD activities accredited in the preceding 12 months 'Accredited CPD Provider' status. Accredited CPD Provider status enables the CPD provider to determine:

  • the activities to be accredited for the CPD Scheme
  • the CPD points value of a CPD activity, including a national or state conference that it plans to organise and run.

The Department audits Accredited CPD Providers no less than once every three years, with the frequency of an audit to be risk assessed.

The Department may withdraw Accredited CPD Provider status when an audit finds that an Accredited CPD Provider has:

  • delivered an activity/activities that do not meet the criteria for accreditation under the CPD Scheme or
  • awarded CPD points that are unjustified for a CPD activity, based on the duration, currency and relevance of the CPD activity.

Where Accredited CPD Provider status is withdrawn, the CPD provider will need to submit details of future proposed CPD activities for accreditation to the ABF through the Broker Licensing section of the Department and follow the process for non-accredited CPD Provider.

A CPD provider that has had its Accredited CPD Provider status withdrawn may request that the status be re-instated. Such a request may be made no earlier than 12 months after the status was withdrawn and will be considered by the Department on a case-by-case basis.

Non-accredited CPD Providers

Non-accredited CPD provider/proponent must submit details of proposed CPD activity, including a national or state conference, to the Department. Ideally, those details should include:

  • the activity content, in script or slide form
  • any pre-reading or hand-out material
  • any arrangement for interactive participation by or assessment of attendees
  • method/format of presentation, and
  • qualifications of presenters.

After reviewing these materials and undertaking any necessary follow-up with the activity proponent, NCBLAC makes a recommendation to the Department on whether to give the activity accreditation and, if so, what point value to assign to the activity. The Department will then make a decision on accreditation.

Through this accreditation process, neither NCBLAC nor the Department is certifying that the content of the activity necessarily provides a correct or complete exposition of the relevant law. This will remain the responsibility of the activity proponent and presenter. The purpose of the accreditation process is:

  • to gain satisfaction that the subject matter of the proposed activity is relevant and useful material to the duties of licensed brokers
  • that it is likely to be given substantive and practical treatment in the activity and that presenters have qualifications and experience that enable them to provide meaningful learning.

Allocation of points

The point value of any particular activity is allocated on a case-by-case basis. The Department expects that CPD points will be accredited at the rate of three points for each presentation-time hour of professional quality activity.

To encourage the development of new CPD activities that cover customs broker obligations, risks and ethics (stream B), CPD points will be accredited at the rate of six points for each presentation-time hour of professional quality activity for this subject matter.

The material covered in a CPD activity needs to be current (i.e. up to date) and relevant to the duties of a customs broker.

While an expiry date is not generally set for accreditation of a CPD activity, a CPD activity that deals with a subject matter that is topical but that will become dated very quickly should be accredited for a finite period.

Regardless of whether a CPD has a set validity period, developers/providers should review the material of a CPD activity on a regular basis for relevance and currency, as a matter of course.

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