Linking nominees and forms

Linking Nominees to Corporate or Sole Traders

Nominees cannot lodge entries for a corporate or sole trader brokerage without being linked to the brokerage in the Integrated Cargo System (ICS). Requests to link and delink nominees to brokerages should be sent to the Broker Licensing section.


Two weeks should be allowed from receipt of a request for the process to be completed.

Nominee commences employment

Nominee customs brokers working for a corporate or sole trader broker must be linked in the ICS to the licence of the broker for whom they will be employed. Nominee brokers cannot lodge entries without being linked to a brokerage.

For linking to occur, we must receive the request in writing (see template below), signed by the nominee customs broker; plus a letter from the corporate or sole trader customs broker, signed by a person of authority in that brokerage. Both documents are required for linking to occur. Requests lodged by corporate and sole trader licensees must be on the letterhead of the brokerage.

Nominee ceases employment

Requests to delink a nominee from a brokerage require either a signed letter from the nominee or from a person of authority in the brokerage. Only one or the other is required. Standard template letters are available below

Requests to link or delink a nominee to different branches of a brokerage must be made in writing from a person of authority in the brokerage.

Change to contact details

It is the customs broker licence holder’s responsibility to ensure that their contact information in the ICS is up to date. A standard template letter to request changes to contact details in the ICS is available below.

Change of Address

To lodge a request, select the correct template for your purpose, complete the details as required, sign and date your letter. Scan it and attach it to an email. Signed letters in JPEG format will also be accepted. The ‘Subject’ of the email should reflect the purpose of the letter. For example, ‘Corporate or Sole Trader: Link New Nominee in ICS’.

Requests must be emailed to the Broker Licensing section.


ICS forms

All customs brokers must be registered as a client in the ICS. Corporate brokerages and Sole Traders must also obtain a digital certificate. Nominee customs brokers do not need their own digital certificate but must be linked to a licensed corporate customs broker or licensed Sole Trader customs broker in the ICS.

To ensure that the ICS recognises a customs broker, it is important that the client registration, the broker licence and the digital certificate are all in the same name and use the same Australian Business Number(ABN)/Customs Client Identifier (CCID).

​Form Number ​Form Name
​B306 (210KB PDF)​Replacement or Renewal of a Digital Certificate
​B318 (1.54MB PDF)Application for Australian Harmonized Export Commodity Classification (AHECC)
​B319 (810KB PDF)Registering as a client in the Integrated Cargo System
B320 (67KB PDF)​Direct Debit Request (DDR)
B321 (136KB PDF)​Establishment of branches
B322 (728KB PDF)​ICS EFT Client Authorisation
​B323 (255KB PDF)​Digital Certificate and Client Registration Form

See all Departmental forms.

Changes to ABN

The ICS relies on the Australian Business Register (ABR) for business and postal address information for ABNs. Holders of ABN’s must contact the ABR to update this information.

Further information

If you have any other queries, contact the Broker Licensing section.