Visas for Air Crew

Crew Travel Authority (CTA)

Crew operating commercial flights into Australia should be registered with a Crew Travel Authority (CTA), unless they hold an Australian or New Zealand passport.

This includes crew operating:

  • commercial passenger flights
  • chartered passenger flights
  • freight or cargo flights.

If you operate private flights into Australia, you not eligible to hold a CTA-- you need to obtain a visa to enter Australia. Information on types of visas can be found on the Visa Finder..

How to obtain a CTA

CTAs can be completed through the Carrier Portal.

Carriers can check whether a crew member holds a CTA and its validity through the Carrier Portal.

Registration of crew is usually completed by the carrier personnel or crewing areas.

If carriers need staff to have access to the Carrier Portal they can email APP Infringements.

If a carrier does not have access to the Carrier Portal then crew may be registered with a CTA through the APP Helpdesk by emailing the APP Infringements mailbox.

Document requirements

After registering with a CTA, crew need to hold documentation to facilitate processing on arrival. The document requirements vary depending on the position a crew member holds.

Operational crew

Operational crew (entering as a crew member and departing as crew or a passenger) must hold:

  • a valid passport
  • an Airline Identity Card
  • a CTA and be listed on the General Declaration Form signed on behalf of the air carrier (for freight only).

Positioning crew

Positioning crew (entering as a passenger and departing as a member of the crew within 5 days) must hold a:

  • valid passport
  • letter from the employer certifying that the person is an aircrew member, setting out the purpose of travel and the arrangements for the person to leave Australia.

Aircraft Safety Inspectors

Aircraft Safety Inspectors, who are treated in the same manner as crew when engaged on inspection duties, must present:

  • a valid passport
  • either a valid government identity document showing that the person is employed by a foreign government, or
  • an ICAO Safety Inspector Certificate.

Foreign military personnel travelling by air

Information for foreign military personnel travelling by air is available.

Further information

Further information about entry requirements for people travelling to Australia by air is available here.