Video How to use VEVO


Voiceover (VEVO Reference Number):
This video will help you to use VEVO. You will need to know your unique reference number linked to your visa, as well as details from your passport, travel document or ImmiCard

Voiceover (VEVO for Visa Holder screen):
VEVO has several steps required for accessing your visa information:

Step 1: Enter your document type from the drop down list.
Step 2: Enter your reference type - There are several reference types that can be used to make a VEVO enquiry, you can use any one of the following

Voiceover (Screen detailing four options for reference type in numerical dot points):

  • Transaction Reference Number (TRN): This is given to clients who applied for their visa online.
    If you do not remember your TRN, and you have an ImmiAccount, you can log into your ImmiAccount and obtain the TRN from your online lodgement summary screen.
  • Visa Evidence Number: Is found on a visa label attached to your passport, if you were issued with a visa label.
  • Visa Grant Number:  This number is linked to your visa and appears on your visa grant notification letter. You may have received this letter by email or in the post. It's a good idea to keep this letter with your passport and other important documents. If you no longer have your grant number you can request it from our website.
  • VEVO Password: You may have received a VEVO password from one of our client service officers.

Voiceover (VEVO for Visa Holder screen – all required fields being completed):
Most visa holders should have one of these reference types, particularly those using ImmiAccount, or those who have recently received a visa grant notification letter.  If you cannot find your reference type or are unable to access ImmiAccount, you will need to contact us for help. 

Once you have selected and entered your reference number you will need to provide your:

  • date of birth
  • document number and
  • country that issued your passport.

You need to enter the details as they appear on your document. Once this is complete you will need to read and agree to the terms and conditions and select the tick box.

Press the Submit button.

You can now view your visa information in VEVO. Watch Video 4: Viewing your visa information for help in understanding the results of your VEVO enquiry.

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