Do I need to contact the department when I am applying for a Convention Travel Document or Certificate of Identity through the Australian Passport Office?

When you are applying for a Convention Travel Document (CTD) or a Certificate of Identity (COI) document you do not need to contact the department.

You can access your own information to support the application process for your CTD or COI.  For example, all visa holders are issued with a visa grant notification letter. This documentation (or alternatives options) is sufficient to demonstrate your current visa status. 

However, if your current personal details do not match the electronic details recorded by the department, the Australian Passport Office (APO) may refer you to the department to request an amendment to your personal records using one of the forms listed below:

When you receive your new travel document from the APO you are required to notify the department of the change in travel document details using Form 929 Change of address and/or passport details (260KB PDF)

Your notification will allow the department to link your electronic visa details to your new travel document which will assist you when travelling and allow you to access VEVO to check your visa details.

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