How can I protect myself from email and internet scams?

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from email and internet scams:

  • Check the website address carefully because even one different letter can mean that it is a different website. All Australian Government websites end in
  • Never give out your personal information unless you know who you are dealing with and you are sure you are using a secure website. Secure websites have a padlock in the browser window or a secure URL at the beginning of the website address.
  • You should use our official website to apply for a visa because our website is safe and we can track your visa application as we process it.
  • It is easy for illegal operators to copy a real website or make one that looks professional. When you are searching for a registered migration agent, check the Register of Migration Agents to make sure you have the right web address.

Here are some other things to look out for:

  • emails sent from free web mail addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo accounts
  • emails asking you for your personal information or starting the email with ‘Dear Customer’ instead of your name
  • emails from strangers who are advertising a website - do not click on any web links in these emails
  • email offers of a job with a very high income.

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