How do I show my visa to foreign governments?

Foreign governments are aware that Australia no longer issues visa labels.​ People travel to Australia with an electronic visa record linked to their passport.

If while living in Australia you apply for a visa to visit another country, some foreign governments may request you to provide proof of your visa status in Australia. In this case, visa holders can send details about their visa status in Australia directly from VEVO to any foreign embassy or diplomatic mission in Australia. Visa holders can also email their visa details using the myVEVO mobile app. For more information, visit VEVO

When you are travelling overseas, foreign government officials generally do not need to know whether you have a valid Australian visa bec​ause airline staff will confirm your visa status before allowing you to board the plane for your return travel to Australia. 

Some countries have specific entry, exit and visa requirements. If you are transiting or exiting through another country, it is your responsibility to check with the relevant government authorities about their departure or transit requirements. For example, some foreign governments recommend that you carry your visa grant notification letter and travel itinerary when you travel. 

Visa holders have a number of options available to them should they need to provide details of their Australian visa to a government official when travelling overseas. 

  • visa holders can send details about their visa status directly from VEVO to any email address, including foreign officials
  • visa holders can undertake a VEVO enquiry on their mobile electronic device (if available) and show this information to foreign officials.