What is a passenger card?

A passenger card is a small document that is used to identify you, and to provide a record of when you enter Australia.

All passenger cards must be completed in English.

Incoming Passenger Card

On the front of the Incoming Passenger Card you will have to fill in:

  • your family/surname, given names and passport number
  • your flight number or the name of the ship you arrive on
  • the address of where you intend to live while you are in Australia
  • whether you intend to live in Australia for the next 12 months.

If you are not an Australian citizen, you will be asked if you have tuberculosis or a criminal conviction.

You will also be asked to answer several questions about things you might be bringing with you into Australia, and about where you have come from.

You must sign and date your Incoming Passenger Card.

On the back of the Incoming Passenger Card, you will have to fill in:

  • the country where you got on your plane or ship
  • your date of birth and your usual occupation
  • your nationality as shown on your passport
  • your contact details in Australia and your emergency contact details.

You will also have to tick a box to show if you are:

  • migrating permanently to Australia
  • a visitor or temporary entrant
  • a resident who is returning to Australia.

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