What other travel documents are acceptable?

There are other types of travel documents that are also acceptable for travel to Australia. If you hold one of these documents, you will in most cases also need a visa.

Other acceptable travel documents include:

  • Document of Identity (if holder is not an Australian citizen then a visa is required)
  • Certificate of Identity (a visa is required)
  • Document for Travel To Australia – DFTTA (a visa is required. DFTTAs are normally issued to offshore refugee and humanitarian entrants for their initial entry to Australia.)
  • Laissez-Passer (a visa is required)
  • Convention Travel Document (such as Titre de Voyage – a visa is required)
  • documents issued to refugees (a visa is required)
  • ‘Kinderausweis’ issued to German minors – photo of bearer not required (a visa is required).
  • military documents for military personnel travelling by air.

These travel documents must be issued by a recognised authority. It must have your photograph, and it must give you permission to re-enter the country that issued the document, or to enter another country.

Visa is permission to travel to and enter Australia and/or remain in Australia. Visa labels in travel documents are not required as Australia issues and records visas electronically. For more information, visit ​Electronic visa record​.

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