What standard of service can I expect from the department?

We survey clients and monitor client feedback to check our performance against our Client Service Charter.

​We publish the results on our website and in our annual report.

Our service standards also apply to service delivery partners who handle much of our work at locations outside Australia.
When we serve you, we will:
  • identify ourselves
  • treat you with courtesy and respect
  • be fair, open and reasonable
  • give you clear, accurate and timely information or help you to find it
  • collect, store, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with Australian law.
We will answer 85 per cent of calls to our national contact numbers (131 881, 131 880 and 133 177) within two minutes.
We will answer 90 per cent of telephone calls to a Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS) operator within 30 seconds. A telephone interpreter in a major community language will be provided within three minutes.
If you ask for an appointment with us, we will respond to 85 per cent of requests within three working days.
If you contact us in person, we will see you within:
  • 10 minutes of your arrival if you have an appointment
  • 20 minutes of your arrival if you do not have an appointment
If you write to us by email, we will acknowledge your email and provide a likely timeframe for our response within one working day.
Within seven working days of receiving your application for a visa or for citizenship, we will:
  • acknowledge that we have received the application
  • if your application is invalid, tell you why it is invalid.
Within seven working days of receiving a decision or advice from a court or tribunal, we will acknowledge receiving it and advise you if there are any further requirements.