Who can help me apply for a visa?

In Australia, you can get immigration assistance from a migration agent who has been registered by the Office of the Migration Agent Authority (the Authority) or from someone who is an ‘exempt person’.

​It is an offence for anyone else to give you immigration assistance.


In Australia, you can also get immigration assistance from some community and legal organisations.
If you ask a registered migration agent to act on your behalf or you indicate that you have received assistance from a registered migration agent or an exempt person, they must fill in Form 956 Advice by a migration agent/exempt person of providing immigration assistance (134 kB PDF) and send it to us.
We will discuss your application with them, and if needed will ask them for more information.
If you also ask a registered migration agent or exempt person to be your authorised recipient, we will send them letters and emails that would normally be sent to you.


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