Who is an authorised recipient

An authorised recipient is someone you appoint in writing to receive written communications from the department on your behalf in relation to specific matters arising under the migration legislation.

If you appoint an authorised recipient, in relation to a specific matter (for example, a visa application), all written communications about that matter will be sent to that person instead of you. We can provide you with copies of these communications if required.

You can appoint only one authorised recipient for any given matter at a time. The authority of the authorised recipient to receive documents on your behalf will continue until:

  • the relevant matter (for example, your visa application) is finalised
  • you advise us that you no longer want them to be your authorised recipient
  • you appoint a new authorised recipient.

If you want to appoint an authorised recipient you must do so in writing.  If you have not advised of an authorised recipient appointment in your visa application form, you can:

If you are not using a Form 956A, ensure you include the following details in your written notice to the department:

  • your full name as set out in the application
  • your date of birth
  • if the application was made outside Australia, the name of the office where you lodged the application
  • one of the following:
    • your client number
    • the immigration file number for your current application
    • the number of the receipt we issued when the application was made.

Return the completed Form 956A or the written notice to a departmental office.